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Camera Care Tips

For those of you who love photography or a photographer, the camera is the most valuable tool because it requires special care for the camera that the camera is still good so that will be obtained satisfactory results, so this time I will try to give some tips for keeping your camera still durable.

1. Avoid camphor
For those of you who like to keep the camera inside the closet, never once put a camera in an existing wardrobe camphor or other fragrances, apparel because vapors from camphor to insulate the camera made of rubber. And on a digital camera, it will break and damage the PCB (printed circuit board) that is where the chip and the element is even mothball vapor can also contaminate the camera lens. And worse, the damage caused by camera camphor is very difficult and even almost beyond repair. Therefore for those of you who want to save your favorite camera in the closet, choose a special cabinet airtight and have air
cool, dry, and not humid. If you do not have time to buy a special wardrobe for the camera, you can use a jar where we usually put a jar of cookies or crackers but it should have closed the meeting, and in it you can add silica gel (a gel that absorbs moisture).
2. Avoid the sun
If you are going out of the house, carrying a camera, try to avoid the camera from the sun because high heat can damage the camera part made of plastic and rubber as well as damage the existing elements in the camera.

3. Avoid collision
It should now carry a camera, use a special bag of camera to avoid camera shake or impact collision that can damage the camera

4. Avoid suppressed goods
Do not put the camera into the bag full of stuff because if the camera is put into a bag filled with items of goods will cause the camera is depressed, and eventually will damage the camera.

5. Clean the camera and lens
You should be diligent and regular cleaning to clean the camera lens on the camera lens, you can use special tissue, do not use any cloth or tissue because of the use made of coarse cloth to make the lens becomes scratched and to clean the inside of the camera, you can use a blower or blower sold in camera stores in addition, to avoid the lens from scratches or dirt due to exposure to dust or finger marks, the camera should be equipped with a filter that permanently attached front section, filters are commonly used are UV (ultra violet) or skylight filter and to avoid scratches on the back of the camera body, you can use a cup body when the lens cover removed from the camera body.

6. Service special place
It should be within a year or two years or so, you bring the camera to place a special service even though your camera is not damaged because the service is in place, your camera will be cleaned from the outside to the inside. Avoid carrying a camera in to any place of service because of incorrect handling may damage your camera.

7. Do not often wash lens
Do not wash too often because the lens on the camera lens is very sensitive to the more frequent cleaning, it will cause reduced image quality.

8. not exposed to sea water
For those of you who like recreation to the beach while carrying a camera, please observe the following, do not let the camera hit by splashes of sea water. Splash of sea water in which few may not be aware but we do you know that sea water is very bad on camera because sea water contains salt, so that if exposed to the camera has the potential to rust easily so if after the beach should immediately clean the camera. And if by accident, your camera falls into the sea water, as soon as possible
to soak the camera into the fresh water and rinse several times until the sea water was completely lost after cleaning, immediately take the place of service to be checked whether the camera is still good or is damaged.

The above tips may sound like too much trouble but if you
apply them, guaranteed you will remain durable camera, despite being used for many years. I hope some of these tips useful for all of us!