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Tips & Ethics Photographing Weddings Events

Marriage is a sacred event. In addition to involving the religious ceremony followed by the bridal couple, the people of Indonesia also upholds customs
The various parties involved are happy on the day. Service providers (vendors) to work hard “conjure up” a place suitable theme party / buyer desires. Photographers of them, got a part to record all the happiness and beauty that is created on the day it is. The point of all try to show their best to create a memorable event
Sometimes the beauty of the damaged caused by service providers who put his ego. Not aware that during the event, the sanctity should not be disturbed. Elements that are in the party room must remain unsightly eye. Therefore we need the understanding of all parties to guard it.
What should be done by a wedding photographer?
* Attendance at the technical meeting / committee meeting. Convey the list required for the photo. For example: room for a photo studio, power, outlet location, etc.. Good coordination between service providers will make all kind of regular basis. There is no aisle in front turn out the cable for example.
* Understand the structure of the event and be present as scheduled. Backup time to prepare & equipment. If the location of the event we do not know, do the previous survey. On the day everyone is busy with their affairs, do not add to their burden.
* Dressed in a polite and fair. Especially in a traditional wedding, you should not wear sandals, poloshirt / tshirt and jeans “faded”. Family bridal sandals no matter which brand you use. Croocs though, does not deserve to be a party room.
* Eat before work. Remember … we come to work
* Understand the rules that apply in the location of the event. For example: adab enter mosques, ban on climbing the altar of the church, duty wear traditional clothes, etc.
* Does not interfere with other personnel on duty. For example: obstruct views of the host.
* Remind the bride and groom to do things that will make the picture better. For example: lots of smiles, not too often looked down, the body must be sturdy, time to pray lifting both hands up high, and so on. Give these things before the event or several days before, not during the event because it would interfere with concentration / damage solemnity procession
* In the event shower the bride, the family often women and allow only immediate family present at the event. Assign a woman photographer for this purpose
* Super-wide lenses often produce a dramatic effect. However, when used at the wrong moment will interfere. Use it wisely super wide lens.
* Use the equipment appropriately. Consider whether the room will be distracted by the aesthetics of photographic equipment used. Brides pay dearly for the decoration of the room. Umbrella & softbox guests often obstruct the view towards the stage / altar. This is where a photographer was tested, not dependent on one type of instrument only.
* Do not be too much to set, submit the proceedings to the host
* Shown low profile fused with the show, so the presence of photographers do not make awkward / ruin the atmosphere. Do not be too often and then ply the grounds to pursue the moment. Place a few photographers at strategic locations to get all the shooting angle
* If any officer video / Another photographer location of the event, smart set “deal”. Eg for not taking a position facing each other which resulted in us come canned (“in frame”)
* Stay on the promise when the results will be submitted photos
The last, a professional photographer never showed the picture that failed to clients. Always show the best photos and save the photos as raw introspection ugly.
May we be the ones better … ….

Pre Wedding Photo

Pre Wedding Photo now more and more popular with couples who want a wedding. Pre wedding photo or wedding photo is generally made as a work of art that will leave the impression of a beautiful, unique, and personal taste. Besides packaged in the form of an album that would deserve to be a nice display on display and open-open on the coffee table (coffee table), some pre-wedding photos printed too large to display at the wedding reception area.

As expected beautiful artwork and personal taste, taking photos of wedding requires careful planning for the future work of Wedding Photos photo is worth a good display in the reception or on the coffee table.
Here are a few tips before undergoing minor pre-wedding photo session.

01. Define Concept Photo Album
The point is would be a form of what we want the album. Examples of concept for a photo

album of them:

just a collection of beautiful pictures with beautiful locations (such as a conventional photo album) the concept of a story as a movie or soap opera scenario calendar concept that can describe the atmosphere changes from season to season the concept of comics with Word Balloons contains funny sentences concept where there’s magazines front page, introductory editorial, content pages, various pages rubric and other concepts based on imagination of pre-wedding couples

02. Set Theme Photos
The theme refers to the feel (the atmosphere and settings) who want to appear from the work of photos Wedding Photos, Wedding Photo Studio & Wedding Studio. Some examples of  themes such as: ethnic (Javanese, Minang, Chinese, Arabic, Sundanese), colonial, adolescence, oriental, horror, wild westerns (like cowboy movies), casual, office environments, futuristic, outer space, desert sand, Amazon forest, and so on according to pre-wedding couples imagination.

03. Choose a costume and Location
Election themes above are very important because it will determine the next steps that the selection of costume and location shooting. Many Pre Wedding Photo Studio location or Pre Wedding Photo Indonesia Outdoor.di available to support various themes as desired. Many places in big cities also provide rental services costumes for various theme eg Pre Wedding Photo Studio or Outdoor Pre Wedding Photo. If confused by the theme and power of imagination is stuck, casual theme that light can be used as a last resort

04. Select the Right Photographer
The three tips above is the first step should be done pre-wedding couples. The next step is to choose a photographer that is suitable for use according to theme. If the selected theme requires a lot of shooting in Photos Outdoors & Photo Studio by using the various effects of artificial light, then photographers with less outdoor specialists can provide a satisfactory service. Conversely, if the session will be mostly done shooting outdoors with natural conditions or Photos Outdoors & Photo Studio near the extremes (eg very hot, very cold, very wet, etc.), then choose a photographer who is tough and reliable for such conditions it.

So just tips for pre-wedding photographs have more value.