Tips : Preparing Your Wedding

1. Specify the date of marriage that has been approved by both parties.

2. Make your wedding budget for the cost of marriage does not make you too heavy with your finances.

3. Choose the location of the wedding reception location is easily accessible by all the invitations and in accordance with your budget (if the invitation a lot, you should select the location of the wedding reception which provides a large parking area). And after determining the location of the reception, immediately pay the booking fee to get a place of certainty.
4. Choose the wedding accessories like wedding dresses, wedding suits, cars, flowers, photos indoor or outdoor photo, photo and video coverage, wedding cake, wedding decorations, MC, souvenirs, invitations and so forth. (If you do not want to be bothered with these things, then you can appoint weeding organizer that can manage all the needs of equipment by providing the best choices.)
5. If you use a wedding organizer, you should discuss more detailed arrangements hour, the composition of the show with MC, design and content of invitation cards, wedding decoration theme arrangement and selection of materials / shapes of color and a kind of the car, wedding cake, jacket, wedding dress fittings, location photos outdoor, type and color of flowers and so forth.
6. Make sure the invitations are ready printed and distributed at least 14 days before the wedding day. (Include a map of the location of the reception for guests looking for a location easier.)
7. Make sure all preparations are on schedule and your willingness to at least 7 days before the day of H.
8. Eat fruit, drink lots of water, adequate rest and light exercise try to keep in shape before the wedding.

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